RLE Coordinator

I. Position Information

Job title: Coordinator - Research, Learning and Evaluation
Supervisor/Manager: Manager – Research, Learning and Evaluation Component
Location: Karachi

II. Organizational Context

Aahung is a non-profit organization founded in 1995. Aahung uses a rights-based approach to improve the quality of sexual and reproductive health services provided in Pakistan to men, women and young people.

Through capacity building and information dissemination, Aahung focuses on the creation of an enabling environment in Pakistan where people have comfort with their body, are practicing healthy behaviors and are able to exercise their sexual and reproductive rights.

III. Essential Functions / Key Responsibilities and Duties/Results Expected
Key functions

  1. Support RLE Manager in developing concept notes, grant proposals, and strategic planning
  2. Support RLE manager and executive team in programme conceptualization, logical framework analysis
  3. Represent Aahung at national and international forums, meetings and workshops
  4. Develop tools for research and evaluation studies carried out by RLE team
  5. Analyze quantitative and qualitative data collected by Aahung
  6. Assist in developing manuscripts for publication in national and international journals
  7. Assist in developing abstracts for submission to national and international conferences
  8. Assist in developing RLE reports as well as using data for newsletters, Aahung’s website and Facebook page, and other forums at which Aahung’s work can be showcased.
  9. Assist in designing and developing research and evaluation studies
  10. Conduct focus group discussions and in-depth interviews as and when required
  11. Lead and assist in conducting data collection trainings with enumerators
  12. Provide technical support for MIS-related queries
  13. Provide grant writing support to RLE and component managers by conducting literature reviews, developing indicators and preparing drafts of grant proposals
  14. Manage and coordinate with Research Associates (RAs) hired on a rolling basis
  15. Coordination and administrative functions

1V. Core Competencies: (What we hope person has or will have soon after joining)

  • Demonstrates commitment to Aahung’s mission, vision and values.
  • Experience and understanding of sexual and reproductive health and sexuality issues.
  • Experience and understanding of adolescent sexual and reproductive health and sexuality issues.
  • Experience and understanding of human rights, reproductive rights and sexual rights.
  • Familiarity with concepts such as empowerment, stigma, discrimination, non-judgmentalism, gender, and social justice.
  • Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability.
  • Familiarity with reproductive health indicators and situation in Pakistan.
  • Demonstrable commitment to working with empowerment of sexually marginalized groups (gay, lesbian, transgender, HIV positive, etc.)
  • Respect for confidentiality and ability to adhere to confidentiality policies.
  • Ability to effectively organize and follow-up work plans, analyze information, and generate summative reports.

Leadership and Self-Management

  • Must be a team player and demonstrate leadership skills.
  • Consistently approaches work with energy and a positive, constructive attitude.
  • Executes day to day tasks systematically and efficiently
  • Remains calm, in control and good humored even under pressure.
  • Ability to maintain good interpersonal relationships and teamwork spirit.
  • Ability to organize and prioritize work efficiently, observe confidentiality.
  • Plans, prioritizes and delivers tasks on time.
  • Contributes creative, practical ideas and approaches to deal with challenging situations.
  • Pursues own personal and professional development.

V. Recruitment Qualifications (this is where all requirements for hiring are put – what level of education, how much experience and where, any language requirements – this is separate from other skills which go in the previous section.

Bachelor’s Degree (Minimum requirement)


- Minimum one to two years’ experience of working in monitoring and evaluation, or academic research project/s on issues related to health, rights, gender and sexuality.

- Understanding of monitoring and evaluation systems and data collection in public health
- Experience in report writing (writing sample will be requested during interview process)

Language Requirements:

- Outstanding written and spoken English skills
- Bilingual in spoken English and Urdu

VI. Working Conditions

Ability and availability to travel within rural and urban areas of Pakistan when required Flexibility to work some weekends