MOU Inauguration Ceremony with Sindh Education Department


Aahung has signed a new MOU with the Sindh Education and Literacy Department to integrate Life Skills Based Education (LSBE) into main stream curricula. The MOU was signed directly with Aahung, rather than in a consortium with project based partners for the duration of the project, to ensure sustainability of the efforts made. This new MOU seeks to develop an integrated framework in collaboration with the Education Department, which will be implemented in schools on a pilot basis, to create an evidence based model for formal integration. During consultation with the department it was decided that LSBE was more likely to be accepted and practically implemented if integrated into existing subjects rather than as a separate subject. In order to carry out this initiative, a technical committee has been established with members from Sindh Education Department (Curriculum Wing, Sindh Textbook Board, Provincial Institute for Technical Education, Subject Specialists), Aahung, and Master Trainers- to ensure ownership of the integration process.




Youth Champion League:

The LSE Component initiated an intervention directly with youth for the first time. This entailed the development of a Youth Champion League (YCL) that would enable young people to take ownership of the SRHR agenda. These champions would play an active role in providing conceptual knowledge about SRHR issues within their communities and advocate for such rights to be exercised. In order to build their capacity, Aahung held a 5 day training with 16 champions aged 18-26 years, to train them on disseminating information and addressing prevalent SRHR youth issues in Pakistan, such as sexual violence, early marriage, and gender discrimination. The participants subsequently developed four different social action projects which they will implement in their communities:

  • Awareness session on Early Marriage with university going students
  • Awareness session on Puberty with school going children
  • Awareness session on Child Sexual Abuse with school going children
  • Awareness video on individual’s sexual rights




LSE Extra Curricular Activities in Schools:


The LSE Component has initiated a new strategy to integrate LSBE content through extracurricular activities, which are both physical and social. For this purpose, the team has developed an LSBE themed extracurricular guideline for teachers to utilize themes such as gender equality, peer pressure, HIV/AIDS, etc in sports (throw-ball, tug of war), art, debates, and other educational simulation exercises. Such an initiative encourages schools to reinforce the classroom learning within other spaces where soft skills such as leadership, communication, and decision making can be actively practiced.