Aahung’s Communications Component uses a variety of approaches to spread awareness on SRHR to the general public and share the organization’s values and vision with a broader audience.

Aahung has engaged with electronic and print media and continues to print information pamphlets for the distribution of important RH information to the public. Aahung also maintains a strong social media presence to provide timely updates about local and global news and Aahung’s ongoing activities.

More recently, Aahung has engaged with new and innovative strategies for reaching out to the community. Theater groups have been trained and frequently perform plays for a large audience on issues such as early age marriages. Mobile cinema campaigns, SMS text campaigns and social media campaigns on critical challenges such as child sexual abuse prevention have also all been used by Aahung to spread information and promote the adoption of safer behaviours. Aahung is continuing to evolve its communications strategies as technology evolves and prioritize independent access to our tools and training program content.