Aahung Makes Leaps In Its Advocacy Efforts 2018

Since its inception, Aahung has had a vision; that its SRHR-based LSBE curriculum be integrated into the mainstream curriculum in every single province. With 2020 around the corner, Aahung stands at the threshold of fulfilling this vision.

Over the last two decades, Aahung has worked to inculcate its LSBE curriculum in schools; it teaches children how to prevent themselves against physical abuse and violence, self-esteem, body autonomy, human rights, importance of female education, developmental changes, health and personal hygiene, disease prevention, gender equality, marriage rights, coping with peer pressure, communication and decision-making skills. The country woke up to the need for such an intervention at the school level, when in January 2018, the Zainab incident in Kasur stirred collective conscience.

In response to public pressure to work more diligently on child protection, the provincial government of Balochistan was forthcoming in adopting the strategy of LSBE integration in their provincial curriculum. Discussions were held to decide the best possible mechanism to take this forward. To begin the process, a pilot intervention was recommended with students from grades 6 to 10.

In May 2018, the partnership between Aahung and Education Department of Balochistan was formalized and an MOU was signed to launch the process of LSBE integration in the teachers’ trainings and text books of secondary classes. An LSBE-integrated framework under the existing provincial curriculum objectives has been developed, based on which textbook content will be drafted. The formulated content will then be pilot tested in 10 schools of Quetta, so as to create evidence for taking this program all over Balochistan.

Speaking at the MoU signing ceremony in Quetta, Aisha Ijaz, Program Manager at Aahung said, “First Sindh, now Balochistan- today, we are a step closer to fulfilling our dream that one day every child in the country will be equipped with these crucial life-skills that will make them safer, healthier, happier human beings. After this MoU we look forward to an increase in the share of voices advocating the rights of adolescents and and children in Balochistan.” Aahung has worked extensively to address SRHR and CSA through the LSBE curricula implemented in more than 400 primary and secondary schools across the country.


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