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 I. Position Information
Job code title:   Senior Coordinator Finance
Supervisor:      Director Finance (DF)                     Location:          Karachi, Pakistan      Aahung is an equal opportunity employer. For this specific position, females are encouraged to apply.
II. Organizational Context
Aahung is a non-profit organization founded and registered in 1995. Aahung uses a rights-based approach to improve the quality of sexual and reproductive health services provided in Pakistan to men, women, and young people.

Aahung collaborates with partner institutions with the aim of building the capacity and knowledge base of service providers comprised of doctors, nurses, government health workers, community and field workers, teachers, and parents.

III. Essential Functions / Key Responsibilities and Duties/Results Expected

·        Financial Controls Responsibilities

·        Financial Systems

·        Financial Operations and Practices

·        Support in periodic budgets & exp. reports to board, sub finance committee, donors & program components.

·        Support in Financial audits, taxation, and statutory follow-ups.

·        Cost effective strategies leading savings and support in fund-raising process.

1 – Financial Controls Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that all financial controls and responsibilities assigned are in line with approved policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that all financial controls meet international standards / requirements.
2 – Financial Systems

  • Ensure that operating financial system assigned and approved be met as defined.
  • All procurements need to meet Aahung, and its donor required criteria.
  • Receivable and payable system be reconciled and updated on weekly basis and outstanding details to be shared with Director Finance.
  • Meet the donor requirements limitations and reporting system.
  • Reconcile all receivable and payable accounts and update them on a weekly basis for unsettled accounts.
  • Weekly reconciliations of all interproject accounts
  • Follow-up the processes approved as laid down in financial and other policies / manuals.
  • To work on and keep complete records of all financial information required for various financial reports as and when required.
3 – Major Financial Operations and Practices

·        Everyday end, prepare a sheet providing daily information of cash payments, receipts, deposits, physical cash position, etc. and get verified by DF or MF and obtain their signatures.

·        Preparation of all cash and bank vouchers after verification of all attachments, get verified from FM, prepare cheques, obtain signatures from signing authorities and posting of all vouchers in ledgers to update financial movements.

·        Collection of all bank statements before the 4th of each month, reconcile bank balances before 6th of each month, getting verified and approved from FM/DF.

·        Deposit of E.O.B.I. contributions with Government of Pakistan and maintenance of complete E.O.B.I. records and accounts.

·        Coordinate with program Components in providing various information during program – finance meetings and update FM / DF on any differences or pending/delayed requirements.

·        To provide all information’s of procurement and complete the process of physical counting and tagging of fixed assets at least twice in a year with support from FM and administration and report on any discrepancy to DF.

·        Monthly reconcile staff medical and gratuity balances and update DF/FM for any deposit or withdrawals.

·        Prepare staff Gratuity Deposit & Staff Gratuity Redemption vouchers as per information provided by DF/FM.

·        Follow up with bank regarding Transfer of Grants & Remittance with support from FM.

·        All finance related works as and when assigned by FM/DF timely.

4 – Periodic Budgets & Exp. Reports to Board, Donors & Program Components

  • Maintain a soft and hard record of all agreements, budgets for reference purposes at any time.
  • Work on all information required by DF/MF for preparation of all periodic budgets, utilization.
  • Reconciliation of Budget & Expenses Report Monthly Basis. (To be kept with Finance till operation person takes over)


5 – Financial Audits, Taxation and Statutory Follow-Ups

·     Keep an audit trail of financial works as per international accounting standards and IRFS.

·     Provide all support to MFA & DF in following the procedure of international accounting standards and IRFS standards during audits. Support during non-availability of MF to programs and DF for smooth information sharing.

·     To coordinate with MF & DF in dealings with auditors in financial report verifications

·     Support MF in submission of Tax Deduction from the payment of Supplier, Service Provider & Staff Salaries as per the Income Tax Ordinance Rule.

·     Provide information on Tax Compliance.

·     Withholding Tax Statement reconciliation and provide MF for submitting Quarterly reports on FBR Portal.

·     Provide Tax Certificate and Complete Information to Staff & Services provider/Supplier.

·     Ensure of Clauses & Tax Rate Deduction during every Payments.

·     Monitor changes in Tax Rate as per the rule and share with MF/DF.


6 – Cost Effective Strategies leading and fund-raising Process

·     To follow-up with the process of cost cutting as defined by DF.

·        Ensure to obtain best services within minimum cost.

 VI. Recruitment Qualifications


At-least a Master degree in commerce.


·       Minimum of 6-7 years of experience desired in areas of Finance with direct working on operating systems.

·       Excellent skills of complete M.S. Office


Language Requirements:


Demonstrate effective communication skills in English and Urdu.


 VII. Working Conditions
Occasional traveling within the country as and when required.

To apply, please email the completed Aahung Application Form, your CV, and Cover Letter to jobs.aahung@gmail.com.