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Terms of Reference (TOR)  

Job title: SRHR content developer/ LSBE curriculum expert

Type: Contractual (4-months)

Reporting line:  Project Curriculum Head/ Manager Life Skills Education
Project Category: Play-based gender- transformative approach in academic settings.

Location: Remote


II. Organizational Context


Aahung is a non-profit organization founded in 1995.  Aahung uses a rights-based approach to improve the quality of sexual and reproductive health services provided in Pakistan to men, women, and young people.

For nearly 2 decades, Aahung has been developing scalable and sustainable models for comprehensive sexuality education (Life Skills Based Education) programs in Pakistan. The purpose of these programs is to support young people in getting the necessary age-appropriate information and corresponding skills to be able to live healthier lives, free of violence and coercion, and make decisions that support their reproductive choices


Aahung has successfully developed culturally informed strategies to respond to the sexual health needs of the Pakistani population and to bring attention to sexual health issues and concerns in medical and educational institutions, non-government, and government organizations across the country. Aahung has also influenced the School Education and Literacy Department (SELD), Government of Sindh, to integrate core thematic Life Skills Based Education – (LSE) areas, into the mainstream curriculum to ensure that young people have access to critical reproductive health information.



III. About the Project

Building on the success of What Works 1 (WW1), which showed that play-based learning has the potential to significantly reduce incidences of bullying, violence amongst children, corporal punishment, and even violence in the home, WW2 will take this a step further by focusing more intensely on violence against women and girls.


The project employs a “whole school approach” to combat violence against women and girls (VAWG) by focusing on social norms within the school community. We leverage a scientifically proven methodology, integrating interactive learning and life skills education to empower adolescents in recognizing and preventing violence, especially targeting girls. Through collaboration with teachers and stakeholders, our initiative aims to establish a supportive ecosystem within schools, mainstreaming curriculum, policies, and practices toward the prevention of VAWG. Along with an implementing partner Right to Play (RTP), Aahung’s interventions will be tailored to address the issue of violence against women and girls by integrating Play-based learning and life skills-based education into schools by challenging harmful gender and social norms and practices against girls, such as child-early and forced marriage, power, and violence, including sexual violence and harassment by addressing power inequalities.



IV. Essential Functions /Role and Key Job Responsibilities


We are seeking a qualified and experienced SRHR content developer/ LSBE curriculum expert to join our team.


Key Deliverables


The SRHR content developer/ LSBE curriculum expert will be responsible for

·        Play-based Life Skills Based Education (LSBE) curriculum in collaboration with other implementing partners.

·        Non-scholastic activities (puzzles, writing prompts, role plays, and other interactive indoor and outdoor games) for girls and boys of classes VI-VIII on various topics related to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR).


Key Job Responsibilities


1.     Develop a play-based LSBE curriculum with a focus on gender and SRHR topics.

2.     Create at least five activities for each of the following topics for both boys and girls:

·        Human body and development

·        Consent and boundaries

·        Gender stereotypes

·        Different forms of violence

·        Child marriages

3.     Collaboration:

·        Work closely with implementing partners to ensure alignment with project goals.

·        Participate in weekly/fortnightly follow-up calls with partners and technical advisors to provide updates on assigned tasks.

4. Feedback and Incorporation:

·        Incorporate feedback from lead implementing partners, donors, and government stakeholders into the curriculum development process.

·        Ensure that the developed activities are culturally sensitive and age-appropriate.

4.     Reporting:

·        Provide regular progress updates on the status of tasks assigned.

·        participation in weekly/ fortnightly follow-up calls with partners and the project’s technical advisor



V. Core Competencies: (What we hope a person has or will have soon after joining)

·        Demonstrates commitment to Aahung’s mission, vision, and values.

·        Demonstrates commitment to the Project’s mission, vision, and values.

·        Experience and understanding of Life Skills Education and Comprehensive Sexuality Education

·        Experience and understanding of human rights, reproductive rights, and sexual rights

·        Familiarity with reproductive health indicators and the situation in Pakistan

·        Respect for confidentiality and ability to adhere to confidentiality policies




VI. Functional Competencies


1.     Accountability

·        Accepts and gives constructive feedback.

·        Meets deadline, cost, and quality requirements for outputs.

·        Monitors own work to correct errors.

·        Takes responsibility for meeting commitments and for any shortcomings

2.     Teamwork

·        Actively contributes to an effective, collegial, and agreeable team environment.

·        Seeks input and feedback from others

3.     Planning and Organization

·        Effectiveness in planning and organizing own work


Effectively applies specialized knowledge skills in designing, implementing, monitoring, and reporting training initiatives.

VII. Qualification a) Education:

A bachelor’s or master’s degree in a relevant field such as social sciences, development studies, or gender studies.


b) Experience:

At least 3-4 years of prior experience in developing educational content, particularly on SRHR topics.


c) Knowledge:

Knowledge of play-based learning methodologies. In-depth understanding of gender-based violence issues, international frameworks, and best practices in addressing violence against women and children. Understanding of comprehensive sexuality education/ Life Skills Education, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, and child protection policies is required. Familiarity with relevant national policies and legislation is an advantage.



d) Communication Skills:

Excellent written and verbal communication skills in the English language. Ability to effectively engage with diverse stakeholders, facilitate meetings, and deliver presentations if needed.


VII: Candidate Profile We are seeking qualified and diverse candidates for the position (contractual) of SRHR content developer/ LSBE curriculum Expert at Aahung.

Number of Positions: one


Gender: Both Males and Females are encouraged to apply.

We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, and we encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply. Aahung values diversity and respect for all individuals, and we provide a work environment that is free from discrimination and harassment.

VIII.  Duration: Consultancy Duration is April-July 2024.
IX. Contract Limitation

It is crucial to acknowledge that an extension to this consultancy may not be feasible, promised, or committed.

X:  Working Hours and Conditions:

Working Hours: The consultant is not expected to work full-time; however, they are required to manage their time effectively based on the deliverables and timelines set for the project.

Attendance at Follow-Up Calls and Meetings: The consultant needs to attend follow-up calls and meetings with implementing partners to share the status of tasks assigned and collaborate effectively with the team.

XI: Quotation

Consultants are required to share the quotation in PKR (Pakistani Rupee), taking into account the deliverables and timelines specified for the project.

XII: Application Procedure:

Interested candidates should submit their resume and application form, along with a cover letter, to jobs.aahung@gmail.com by March 25th, 2024. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.


For more information, please visit our website www.aahung.org



To apply for this job email your details to mr.nzint@gmail.com