Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Regarding Menstrual Health

In May 2023, a comprehensive session was conducted by Dr. Sana Ali, Manager Life Skills Education (LSE) component, at Special Olympics Pakistan  to educate and empower female athletes on maintaining personal hygiene during menstruation. The session aimed to address the unique challenges faced by differently-abled female athletes and provide them with essential knowledge and resources to navigate their menstrual health effectively. The session aimed to empower the athletes and promote their well-being by promoting awareness and fostering a supportive environment.The session began with an introduction to menstruation, explaining the natural bodily processes that girls and women experience. Dr. Sana delved into the essential personal practices that should be followed during menstruation, while dispelling common myths and misconceptions surrounding periods. Through encouraging open dialogue, the Aahung team gave the athletes the confidence to share their concerns and ask questions, fostering a safe and supportive environment. The facilitators emphasized that menstruation is a natural and healthy process, free from shame or embarrassment. Special Olympics Pakistan remain committed to ensuring that all athletes receive equal opportunities, education, and support in all aspects of their lives.


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