Past Projects

Sukh initiative

Supported by the Aman Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.

Aahung was an implementing partner for promoting and institutionalizing Family Life Education (FLE), which is synonymous with LSBE. The Sukh Initiative was a five-year partnership between three foundations that emerged out of commitments made at the London Summit, held in 2012. It began in 2014. 

The Sukh Initiative aimed to increase …

Responsible actions for adolescent and youth health (raayh) project

Supported by the Swedish International Development Authority (SIDA) and Plan International, Pakistan

Initiated in 2015, this three-year project aimed to contribute towards the realization of the SRHR of marginalized and vulnerable adolescents and youth in Pakistan. 

This project aimed to increase the demand for, and uptake of, high quality SRHR services among adolescents and youth who are in and out of school. It also focused on creating an enabling an environment that empowers adolescents and youth …

Improving the quality of SRH services for vulnerable women in rural Sindh

Supported by Amplify Change

This project focused on strengthening the capacity of health care providers working in the public health system in the coastal areas of Badin and Thatta in Sindh, so that they are able to deliver effective and comprehensive SRHR services to clients.

Women in rural Sindh are in need of adequate SRHR services, but are often unable to seek medical help due to inaccessible healthcare facilities or restrictive societal norms. They are often left untreated or are forced to seek help from untrained and unskilled providers. The …

Improving provision of RH and post abortion education and services in Sindh.

Supported by the Safe Abortion Action Fund (SAAF). Project concluded.

This project aimed to strengthen SRHR services in Sindh, particularly in urban and semi-urban communities where there is a high incidence of early age marriage and unwanted pregnancies. 

Due to the inaccessibility and unavailability of adequate SRHR services including post abortion care, women utilize alternate services that are unsafe and result in death. For this project, Aahung adopted an innovative strategy by partnering with both healthcare institutions as well as teaching institutes in order …

Gender initiatives throug life skill based education in urban slums of karachi

Supported by UNICEF. Project concluded.

This one-year project aimed to empower adolescents, particularly girls, enabling them to think critically, by equipping them with the appropriate knowledge and skills to address challenges they face in their every-day lives. 

Aahung implemented this project with the support of UNICEF’s Partners- Pakistan Fisher Folk Forum, Strengthening Participatory Organization, and Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research across 7 Union Councils in 3 towns. For the purpose of this project, Aahung developed a tailor-made version of …