Aahung’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Management (SRHM) Program prioritizes the improvement of sexual and reproductive health services available to individuals across Pakistan.

Aahung focuses on equipping health care providers with capacity building techniques on critical areas of reproductive health such as client-centered care, tackling sexual history, reproductive tract infections, sexual dysfunction, family planning and post-abortion care. Healthcare providers are trained on overcoming prejudices and misconceptions, particularly towards stigmatized issues enabling them to tackle reproductive health in a safe and effective manner.

We also work extensively with the pre-service health care sector by operating in close contact with the administration of medical teaching institutions in order to evaluate gaps within the teaching curriculum. The program then works on developing the capacity of the teaching faculty, easing them into integrating SRHR content within their courses, through innovative tools and modules. The goal is to ascertain that students are entering their practice equipped with essential knowledge and skills regarding reproductive health. Moreover, students are also exposed to the ways in which SRHR content is interlinked between different medical disciplines, which allows them to develop a more holistic understanding of SRH well being. This facilitates the students into becoming more attuned to client rights as well as the underlying components of quality of care necessary for all areas of medical practice.