Aahung’s Life Skills Based Education (LSBE) program is a comprehensive curriculum, spanning across the spheres of critical reproductive health information, prevention of abuse and the management skills with which it is necessary to equip children and adolescents as they grow.

In an environment where young people are not provided with timely information regarding their body, health and well being, the LSBE program supports young people in accessing this information within a safe space.

Beginning with early primary school years, Aahung’s programs focus on bodily protection, child sexual abuse (CSA) prevention and the critical skills needed for communicating discomfort and mistreatment. Building on this momentum, negotiation and conflict resolution skills are then introduced to students in their middle school years. During the same stage, students are taught about bodily changes, such as puberty, and are given awareness regarding harassment and sexual abuse. As young people develop mature thinking, reproductive health topics such as HIV/AIDS, peer pressure, rights within the nikah nama, and the importance of family planning, are introduced and holistically explored. The LSBE curriculum has a strong emphasis on delving on issues of gender and power due to the fact that, from an early age, these concepts determine, reproductive health outcomes.

The LSBE program primarily operates through school systems within which administrative decision makers, teachers, and the school community, including parents, are sensitized about the need for promoting the well being of young people.

Aahung also engages with the youth through partnerships with community-based organizations using awareness raising activities such as theatre performances, melas and mobile cinema campaigns.