Founded in 1995, Aahung is a Karachi-based NGO which has been working towards improving the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) of the men, women, and children of Pakistan.

Through capacity building and information dissemination, the Aahung team aims to improve the quality of sexual and reproductive health services while advocating for an enabling environment within which every individual’s sexual and reproductive rights are respected, protected and fulfilled.

Aahung has been successful in developing culturally informed strategies in response to the sexual health needs of the population, as well as in bringing necessary attention to issues pertaining to SRHR. In addition, the team has had sufficient success in integrating SRH education in medical, academic, and educational institutes across the country.

At Aahung, we believe in an equitable society that is free of gender-based discrimination. To make this a reality, we work to empower children andadolescents by implementing a Life Skills Based Education (LSBE) curriculum in our network of partner primary and secondary schools. This enables young people to understand their bodies, break down gender roles, and build up their confidence so that they can make informed choices for themselves. We train teachers to deliver this education and engage parents so that adults can support the growth of young people.

The organization works towards empowering women and families by providing information and supporting them in making choices according to their reproductive health needs, and by improving the quality of the reproductive health services that they receive.

Aahung believes that system level change occurs when all stakeholders in society are actively involved. Therefore, we invest in partnerships with governmental and non-government organizations, as well as the media in order to amplify the impact of messaging on sexual and reproductive health and rights in Pakistan.