Improving provision of RH and post abortion education and services in Sindh.


Supported by the Safe Abortion Action Fund (SAAF). Project concluded.

This project aimed to strengthen SRHR services in Sindh, particularly in urban and semi-urban communities where there is a high incidence of early age marriage and unwanted pregnancies. 

Due to the inaccessibility and unavailability of adequate SRHR services including post abortion care, women utilize alternate services that are unsafe and result in death. For this project, Aahung adopted an innovative strategy by partnering with both healthcare institutions as well as teaching institutes in order to build the capacity of service providers and medical and nursing faculties. By training healthcare providers in institutions to provide comprehensive SRHR services, the provision of safe abortion and PAC services in the short term could be ensured. On the other hand, the integration of SRHR education in institutional teaching plans aimed to bring about long-term change in provider capacity and negative attitudes towards clients.